Transfer from Panama to Bocas del Toro


Taxis are one option if you want to travel from Panama to Bocas del Toro. Even though this may cost a little more than other forms of transportation, it may also be more convenient, which is especially important if you have limited time. If you’re thinking about taking a transfer from Panama to Bocas del Toro, keep these things in mind:

Before you board the taxi, confirm that you have agreed upon a price. If you don’t know much about the area and don’t know how much the fare should be, this is especially important.

You should ask the driver to take the shortest route to your destination. The cost will be reduced as a result of this.

So that the driver can drop you off at your hotel or hostel, and have the information about your place of lodging ready.

Make sure the driver knows about any luggage you have so they can help you with it.

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